Talent Ready Utah | Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection
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Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection

Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection (TRAC) youth apprenticeships are designed to provide meaningful work experience for students engaged in learning the skills they need for a successful career. Students split their time between the classroom and workplace applying knowledge through a hands-on learning routine.
As part-time employees of our TRAC partners students earn a wage pursuing their education toward a high-paying career. By linking the efforts of industry and education the TRAC program creates a model that is beneficial to both students and businesses.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to support a system of youth apprenticeship tailored to the specific needs of industry while students develop the skills they need to succeed in the workforce.

For program inquiries, please contact GOED’s Talent Ready Program Manager, Scott Romney, at (801) 209-4901 or sromney@utah.gov

If you are interested in the TRAC apprenticeship, please fill out the form below.