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Learn how Utah has developed successful career pathway programs in several different industries. The Utah Career Pathways Guide describes a step-by-step process that your school district or industry association can implement.


The STEM Mentor Exchange will open doors both ways; providing industry with top local talent to fill new STEM jobs, and for educators to better prepare their students, and tap into the often unused wealth of talent and resources industry has to offer.


Across the country, there are great examples of best practices in work-based learning and other career development efforts.

Talent Ready Utah Grants

Talent Ready Utah grants have been designed to strengthen collaboration between education, industry, and economic development in order to better respond to the needs of regional and statewide-designated clusters. Talent Ready Utah has been a successful model for collaboration in cluster industries and has demonstrated success in developing new educational programs supporting industry growth.


For more information: https://jobs.utah.gov/edo/rfg/tru/index.html


Strategic Workforce Investment

During the 2016 legislative session, the Utah State Legislature created the Strategic Workforce Investment (SWI) fund. The purpose of this fund is to provide resources to establish educational pathway partnerships that serve regional industry workforce needs. These pathway programs are meant to provide workforce for high growth and wage occupations.


Link here for more information: 2018 SWI 


2017 Funded Applications: