Utah Diesel Tech Pathway


Contact your CTE Coordinator today to see if the Diesel Tech program is offered in your school district and start earning credit toward the Diesel Tech Certification as a high school student. Carry your high school credit with you to your local technical college where you’ll finish your certificate requirements. Check out your course requirements below.


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Why earn the UAP Certificate?

Advance your career by earning stackable credentials as a high school student that provide on and off ramps to continued education and complete the UDTP certificate at your local technical college. Earn the UDTP certificate and you are guaranteed a job interview with all participating employers throughout the state. Land your first job and start earning above average starting wages and benefits in an entry level position. But don't stop there, further your career as you take advantage of your employers tuition reimbursement program while earning your degree and additional certifications debt free.


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Participating School Districts

Salt Lake Region

Canyons School District  

Jordan School Districts 

Salt Lake Community College

Northern Region

Davis School District 

Morgan School District

Ogden School District

Weber School Districts 

Bridgerland Technical College

Davis Technical College

Utah County

Alpine School District

Nebo school District

Provo School District

 Utah Valley Universities Diesel Department 

Mountainland Technical College

Tooele County

Tooele County School District 

Tooele Technical College

Washington County 

Washington County School District 

Dixie Technical College

Washington County

Washington County School District 

Dixie Technical College

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