Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection

What is TRAC?

Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection (TRAC) youth apprenticeships are designed to provide meaningful work experience for students engaged in learning the skills they need for a successful career. Students split their time between the classroom and workplace applying knowledge through a hands-on learning routine.

As part-time employees of our TRAC partners, students earn a wage pursuing their education toward a high-paying career. By linking the efforts of industry and education, the TRAC program creates a model that is beneficial to both students and businesses.

The TRAC program is specifically designed to engage students starting at the high school level.


What can Youth Apprenticeship do for you?

  • Provide paid work experience for students in high-skill and high-paying careers

  • Engage industry and education partners in a training track that meets their workforce demands 

  • Align curriculum between secondary and post-secondary educational institutions to offer recognized accreditations 

  • Increase the skilled workforce in Utah 

  • Create systemic change by providing high-quality work experiences in communities where they are desperately needed 

  • Inform students, teachers, parents and companies of youth apprenticeship opportunities

Apprenticeship With Stadler US

This schedule is what apprentices at Stader US now follow to earn an AAS degree at Salt Lake Community College
Overall Pay Hourly Pay Weekly Work Hours Job Description
First Year $700 per month $10 per hour Block schedule every other week.
50% time in class
50% time in workplace
Apprentices complete their senior year of high school enrolled in relevant classes and work at the company facility. Students have a choice between different specializations.
Second Year $1350 per month $11.5 per hour 3.5 days
30% time in class
70% time in workplace
During year two, apprentices attend courses at Salt Lake Community College. With the company, apprentices begin focused training.
Third Year $1700 per month $13 per hour 4 days
30% time in class
70% time in workplace
Year three consists of advanced classes at SLCC and advanced practical training at the workplace

How to get involved

Students ask your CTE counsellor in Salt Lake School District
Apply for Apprenticeship with Stadler Here
All other inquires please contact Scott Romney

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