Talent Ready Utah is housed in the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. Our story begins in 2015 with the inception of the Utah Aerospace Pathways program. In December of 2014, The Boeing Company approached the State of Utah looking to create a workforce development program to aid in building their talent pipeline and fill high demand jobs shared across multiple aerospace companies in Utah.  This initiative led to a unique partnership between multiple government agencies, technical and higher education organizations and employers. Through this partnership the Utah Aerospace Pathways Program was launched in September of 2015. The program was designed by employers who specified the knowledge and skill sets students would need to begin a successful career in the aerospace industry following their high school graduation.  Since the program’s inception, Talent Ready Utah has continued to partner with education and employers across various industries to implement similar workforce development programs that aim to provide students with career exploration while building the talent pipeline for industries who have large economical impacts on the state.

In 2019, the Talent Ready Utah Center added two additional programs, designed specifically to meet the individual needs of employers while providing students and individuals with increased skills training and heightened opportunities for continued education.

The Utah Works program provides short term skills training to individuals looking to start their career.  Individuals looking to skill up in a matter of a few short weeks can do so as they participate in a fully paid, streamlined program, all while employers see an immediate return on their investment to build their workforce.

The Talent Ready Apprenticeship Connection seeks to provide high school students with apprenticeship opportunities while earning a college degree.  This model was adapted from the Swiss Apprenticeship model, allowing students to start career training at an earlier age by splitting their time between the classroom and the workplace to maximize their learning experience and get a head start in earning their college degree.


Organizations involved in Talent Ready Utah span industry, education, and the public sector. Our partners include organizations such as the Department of Workforce Services, Salt Lake Chamber, Utah System of Higher Education, the Utah System of Technical Colleges, the Utah State Board of Education and the Utah State Legislature.